E-commerce Platform Revamp


Revamped the e-commerce platform to improve the shopping experience and increase conversion rates.

Problem Statement

The existing platform had low conversion rates and high cart abandonment due to a complicated checkout process.

My Responsibilities:

  • User Research: Analyzed user behavior and conducted usability tests to identify pain points.
  • Journey Mapping: Mapped out user journeys to understand the shopping experience from discovery to purchase.
  • Wireframing & Prototyping: Created wireframes and interactive prototypes to test design solutions.
  • Visual Design: Enhanced the visual design to align with the brand and improve user appeal.
  • Usability Testing: Conducted A/B testing to compare different design solutions and optimize for better performance.
  • Design System: Developed a design system to ensure consistency across the platform.


  • Conversion Rates: Increased conversion rates by 20%.
  • Cart Abandonment: Reduced cart abandonment by 15%.
  • User Feedback: Received positive feedback from users, praising the improved checkout process.


This project taught me the critical role of a streamlined checkout process in e-commerce and the value of a cohesive design system.